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Catching Domains for Business Affiliate Marketing

How easy is it to make money from online advertising or affiliate marketing?  Well you need a website and good domain that’s for sure, but it’s important that it is unique, is suitable for the purpose and is designed to convert visitors.

Many people are earning a decent income from affiliate marketing (monetising sites using 3rd partys) buying/selling domain names.  But how easy is it to succeed?

There are many people who fail first time round, but some of my friends have actually  gradually grown their domain portfolio and are making a decent monthly salary from their efforts.  You need to persevere with your online projects, but before starting out it’s worth carrying out some of the following and asking some questions;

1.   Have you got time to put into managing your sites, blogs with content?

2. Have you researched the niche, the competitors and the potential traffic from keywords.

3. What budget do you have for marketing/SEO?

4.  Are you better starting off with a new domain registration or trying to acquire an existing domain?

5. If so, have you thought about using a drop catching script solution from a specialist like Namesplace.

Names Place is a Internet technology company based in London, specialising in domain catching solutions.  NameSniper drop catching service is a unique product designed to help you catch the most sought after UK domain names available from Nominet.

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