Comparison Sites: Creating a Business Model for Success

I keep an eye out on online trends from time to time and recently I have seen a number of comparison review sites appear on the search results across a number of industries.

Is this still a viable business model?   How can these sites compete with the end service providers websites?  Is their profit to be made?

Simply put “YES”.  Many potential customers will more than often shop around and compare costs and services from a number of companies.  If you want to succeed with type of on line business, it’s important to create provide a trusted portal that provides quality information and real opinion on services provided as well as an impartial view point to potential customers.

One such industry is the medical tourism field.  With the global economy still in the quagmire, everyone is looking at alternatives save on costs whether it be for household goods, medical insurance or specialist medical treatment. With the medical tourism industry picking up pace it’s crucial to be able to stand out from the crowd amongst the growing competitor web sites like Equilibrium Med. There is great potential in this niche for patients looking to go abroad to combine treatment with a package holiday format to countries like Poland and Turkey.

Here are number of noteworthy points to bare in mind when implementing a comparison/review site;

– Create a professional looking website with a memorable name and brand

– Design the site with usability in mind.  Is it obvious what your providing. Can visitors find what they want easily.  Offering a granular search facility to compare products and services is paramount.

–  Does your site cater for multiple languages?  It’s is important to show that you understand the local culture and nuances of each country.

–  What’s is your unique selling point? Ensure you take advantage of showing off your qualities, experience with testimonials and membership of approved organisations.

–  Clearly show your prices and display in a format that is easy to compare suppliers, costs, benefits and features.




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Written by Avery

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