Earn a Living Writing & Performing Pop Songs

Posted on July 14, 2011 by

Now a days with the leaps and bounds in technology in the music industry, one can sit in the comfort of your own home and start writing and experimenting with music sounds and beats in front of your laptop with minimal equipment and expertise.

Guy chambers must have started somewhere before he became the acclaimed writer he is now. He does make it look easy however, if you’ve watched the recent series on BBC ‘ secrets of the pop song – anthem‘.  Once you’ve written that catchy pop song, seek out the best recording studio environment.  If you in and around the london area, do a search on ‘recording studio london’ and see what pops up near you.  Make some enquiries and shop around for a few quotes to hire out a studio. Make sure you are well prepared and speak to the music producer and view the recording studio in question to get a feel for the place before committing.

Recording a pop song in a studio is quite different from performing it live, where the rush, energy and hype can be exhilarating. Many musicians and bands go to a studio to record pop songs with certain misconceptions. It is therefore essential that you know what to expect when you enter a recording studio in order to save money and time.

One thing to consider is the fact that recording in a studio is different from playing a live show. You will most likely wish that there is a good vibe between musicians and a music producer should assist you in replicating that in the studio. Usually, some instruments will be recorded and tracked separately and this could involve recording drums on one day and guitars on the day that follows. You can then record your vocals after this.

You should be able to trust the producer in a recording studio to finally recreate a vibe, which is similar to that of a live performance while utilizing modern recording methods. The steps that you need to take in order to record a pop song in a studio include the following. The first step to locate a studio that you feel is suitable to record your vocals.

You can search for information from the internet or the yellow pages about studios that are fully equipped with soundboards, headphones, microphones and music stands among other equipment. The other step is to look for someone who is knowledgeable about the process followed for recording to assist you in recording the music. The individual should be knowledgeable about compressor setting, soundboarding, output/input and ratios.

You should then place the microphone at least six to nine inches away from you in order to prevent too much breath sound or hissing. Ideally, there should be drinking water at room temperature in the studio, a pair of closed back headphones and a music stand. After this, decide the level at which you wish to record the vocals and this is usually done on 24 bit or 16 bit.

You should then record a number of stakes before you begin the recording session in order to feel the feedback, levels and mic sounds. You should then record your pop song ensuring that you make best use of your time, since  time is money when hiring a recording studio.