Gap Loans Give LifeLine Until Payday

Posted on February 27, 2011 by

A recent report from the banking of England that interest rates may go up to try and stave off the increase in inflation may hit some lenders on repayments.

That hasn’t stopped the payday loan industry flourishing in the current economical environment over the past 2 years.  Certain businesses do well in a slow downturn, just look at cash for gold and the number of people who are looking for additional ways to raise cash to pay off their debt.

The number of on-line Payday loans sites have risen as the demand increases for short term loans.  Although  the interest rates are quite high, some households have no choice but to borrow at such rates, and they offer a convenient break for those short of money. Prospective lenders are now shopping around for the best payday loan deal to meet  their demands, looking for a same day loan.


This has subsequently seen an increase in payday loan comparison sites like, which has created an intuitive way to present their data, compared to other payday loans comparators. Fill in a few simple details; the amount of cash you need and when you need it and it lists the best loan rates.  Typically, you would borrow £100 for a month and you should expect to pay back £125 +.

Payday loans have become a popular way to help you survive until pay day comes , but should probably not be used in earnest, on a regular basis.  Always ensure you have the finds to pay back your loans quickly as these are short term loans for a quick fix.