Go Electric! Save Money on an Electric Van

Posted on November 18, 2010 by

To many, the concept seems so far-fetched and futuristic; however, the idea of electric vehicles has been around for many years.

People who are considering making the switch to an electric van do have valid concerns when it comes to investing in an all-electric vehicle, though. The price tag is a bit higher, and the fuel costs are eliminated; however, upkeep of the van (namely the expensive battery) as well as mechanics’ familiarity with the vehicles might keep drivers from purchasing these vans until more have proven their worth.

Since the fuel costs are a non-issue in an electric vehicle, drivers might wonder just how much an electric van costs to recharge. This simply depends on the energy costs, and typically, when charging the van overnight this cost can add up to less than what one would pay for a cup of coffee.

Another advantage to electric vans is the financial incentives to invest in this green technology. To help drivers move toward more environmentally-friendly vehicles, there are tax breaks and discounts that are often offered for electric vans. For example, electric vans qualify for a 100 percent discount in the London Congestion Charge Zone, which is £8 per day for most other vehicles.

The shift to electric vans will probably take place gradually, just like the hybrid movement did over the past decade. With its fair share of skeptics in the early 2000s, even the hybrid vehicle was virtually unheard of; by the end of the decade, the Toyota Prius had gained a faithful following, and those who keep up with these auto trends are confident that all-electric vehicles will follow suit over time. Overall, electric vans do save drivers money all around. This is especially important for business owners who depend on this reliable form of transportation.