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How to guarantee growth by focussing on lead generation

When it comes to long-term goals, every business owner wants to increase revenue and maintain positive growth. Chasing new sales is a great way to keep revenue up, but there is a more sustainable way; the generation and retention of leads. The difference here is subtle, but important; building a loyal base of dedicated fans as opposed to one-off sales will mean that revenue can be more reliable predicted and ensured. This article will go over a few ways to generate new leads so that you can ensure you always have potential customers in your sales funnel.

The most efficient way to generate leads is to get them to come to you off of their own volition; that means without direct contact from your salespeople. Marketing is key here – make sure your company has a distinct and active social media presence in order to reach potential leads who may not have been directly searching for your product and then get them hooked with engaging content.

Paid social media advertising, on top of the great content, is another way to get noticed easily. It isn’t the most ground-breaking or glamourous of ways to get your product noticed, but it works. Consider at least paying for promoted posts and advertisements on the biggest platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, where the most traffic is likely to occur.

Next up, consider including more in-depth content in your output. Creating infographics, hosting webinars, as well as publishing and maintaining a blog will all help with piquing people’s interest in your company and your product. This is an especially great way of finding those more dedicated leads who are more likely to stick around and turn into multiple-time buyers in the future, as they are already interested enough to engage with more long-form content from the off.

Retargeting can also be an effective strategy when it comes to lead generation. Retargeting means focussing your advertising and promoted content to those who have already visited your website or social media accounts without taking further action. This can help you to stay in their minds and keep them thinking about your product until such a time that are ready to make a purchase.

Finally, when all else fails, there is cold calling and emailing. Sometimes, the oldest tricks in the book have been around that long for a reason: they just work. It may not be a good idea to solely rely on this method to reach people, but it can certainly be a powerful asset as part of a well-rounded strategy.

Combining all of these techniques should help your business achieve great success in the challenging arena of lead generation. Getting people interested in your products through these techniques and then subsequently retaining their attention with great content and communication is the best way to maximise potential sales when it comes to outreach.

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