Local Courier Services And How To Choose One Thats Right For You.

There are different types of Courier Companies.  Some are Same Day meaning they collect your item from its collection point and deliver it, more often than not, straight away to it’s destination. These services are normally provided for by pushbikes, motorcycles, small vans and large vans.

Then there is a Next Day or Overnight service. This is where a booking is made by a customer and the item is collected the same day if the booking was made early enough in the morning or the next day and then taken back to a central location where it has its dimensions taken, is weighed and bar codes are attached to the item. These are so the item is tracked throughout its journey. This service is sent out by lorries through the night for Next Day delivery. The Next Day service is normally cheaper than the Same Day option as it is sent with hundreds of items going the same area where it is loaded on to a van and delivered.  Kevin, the logistics manager from Route66Couriers advises that “When choosing a Courier for yourself or your business you need to first make decisions on a number of important matters”

Firstly, what are the items you plan on sending?

Are these going to be documents, small parcels, large parcels etc.

The kind of items you will be sending will determine the type of service you need provided.

What are the items values?

Certain items that are sent on Next Day deliveries are not covered for loss or damage or may come under prohibited items so make sure you check the companies websites terms and conditions before sending parcels.

Also, if an item carries a lot of value, I would advise sending this item as a Same Day delivery as it will not take the same journey as an item going ‘Next Day’.

A Same Day delivery generally will go straight to its destination however a Next Day item goes to a depot and passes through many different people before its delivery.

This can inevitably can create more chances of lossed or damaged items due to the volume of consignments that go through depots but would normally be more economical depending on the items destination.

What is the item?

As mentioned above, certain items are not covered through Next Day. If an item is Glass or Antique, you are highly unlikely to get it sent through a Next Day service due to the process it is sent through.

How urgent is the delivery?

This is pretty self explanatary. If an item is urgent and it needs delivering today, you would have to use a Same day service but be prepared to pay more for it.

If it is regular work, it is very important to get these things right first time.

We have good relationships with all our customers because we are honest.

We hope you find this information helpful when choosing your Local Courier Services.

What do you think?

Written by Avery

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