Make Extra profits with a little business savvy!

Posted on November 14, 2012 by

You can make a pile of cash when you sell your old stuff!

Maybe you are feeling quite strapped for cash at the moment? Perhaps you have utility and credit bills piling up through the letterbox every morning? You stack them carefully into a neat pile, but don’t feel that you have any way to pay them. Or perhaps there’s something you really want to buy but you feel so frustrated because you don’t seem to have the cash to purchase it? Whether you want to get a lovely new dress for that special party to impress that special someone, or whether you’d just like to ease your cash flow so you can pay off your debts, this article will tell you how!

The principle is simple: sell old things that you already own but no longer want, and get cash in exchange!

You can sell items online or at car boot sales. Both of these methods (selling online and selling in person) will make you extra money, perhaps even hundreds or thousands of pounds depending on what type of stuff you have. Now is the time to rifle through old boxes and in the attic to find out what you have to sell. Selling a dvd for cash or selling a game or cd for example can make you between ten and thirty pounds a go, maybe more if the item is rare! Ebay is a great site for selling all kinds of items online. If you sell online, you will have to be prepared to pay for postage costs for your items, and to take the time to market and describe them to potential customers. And yet the advantage of selling online is that your items are displayed to millions of consumers across the entire world. Taking time to advertise your item well, with pictures and an accurate and engaging description can really help to raise the total price you get. If you’re an avid gamer, then the plethora of old ps3/xbox/pc games in your catalogue,  may demand a clear out and result in a selling game frenzy at one of the online traders like Musicmagpie.  It’s a sure fire way of supplementing your cash flow or some extra pocket money.

It’s also worthwhile checking out the value of your items by researching online or asking at antique stores. Collectors items can go for hundreds, even millions of pounds. That signed album cover may be worthless to you, but an enthusiast may be willing to pay a small fortune to get their hands on it!

Moreover, both online and in person, you can trade in your mobile for cash and you can get cash for your gold and silver. Many shops offer cash-for-gold offers, whereby customers bring in old and unwanted gold and silver jewellery and are given cash in return. Many supermarkets and other traders offer you an option to trade in your mobile phones for money, too. The amount of money you will get depends both on the type of jewellery or model of phone you are trading in, and also the place you trade it in. So take a look around and see which places offer the best deals. You can also trade in gold, silver, and mobiles online, by posting these items to specialised companies (usually a secure courier is offered as an option). Do an internet search and find out what deal suits you.
Good luck making, and spending, your extra money!