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Online Business Courses for Entrepreneurs

It is a misconception to believe that successful entrepreneurs all have business qualifications from top business schools and universities. Many entrepreneurs and business people just had a great idea and a strong motivating drive that allowed them to turn their idea into success. Many such business people stumble at some point along the way; perhaps their downfall is accounting practices, management or a lack of understanding regarding the advertising world. It generally takes some time before a small business has the money to employ people with these specialised skills. One solution for entrepreneurs who are having difficulties is online courses. These allow you to learn the necessary skills at your own pace without having to take too much precious time from your business.

TAFE Institutes

There are many dodgy business schools advertising their online courses that may be of a very poor standard. It is recommended that you avoid these and rather complete your online business course through a government recognised institution like a TAFE (Technical and Further Education) institute. These colleges offer a range of online business courses that range from six months to 2 years of training. Both certificate and diploma courses are available, and these are certified and recognised by Australian authorities, so you know the education you are receiving is worth your time and money.

Course Options

We don’t aim to provide an exhaustive list of the various options for online business courses; instead we outline a few of the more popular courses so that readers can get an idea of what is available.

One option is the Certificate IV in Business Sales, which is a six month course if you do it full-time. Busy entrepreneurs can opt to complete the course part-time. This course gives training in skills like relationship management, financial administration and product skills and advice, and can lead to employment in sales, or help you assist with the sales in your own business.

A certificate in small business management is another option. This is usually a nine-month course that provides information required to manage your own small business.

Finally we look at a diploma of advertising, which can lead to a career in copywriting, marketing or advertising and which also provides valuable information for your own business. This is a 12-month full-time programme, but also comes with a part-time option that focuses on the practical application of advertising.

These examples hopefully provide some insight into the value of online business courses. Learning should not stop when you finish university, and for those that run their own businesses there are easier ways of learning than purely by trial and error. Taking the time to do an online course in business could make all the difference to your own success.


This post was written by Natalie Simon, who is establishing her career as a freelance writer. As someone who is self-employed, Natalie is very interested in finding ways to increase her business-savvy. Now Learning offers a solution with a variety of online and classroom-based education opportunities in Australia.

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