Sash Window Repairs and Renovation: a local business

Posted on February 7, 2012 by

In business whether it’s online or traditional, it’s a definite advantage if it’s niche and specialised.  Targeting local companies posesses a slightly different strategy to a global corporate.

Whether you have gone for classical sash windows or your home is finished with a modern take you will appreciate the prettiness and aesthetic that sash windows add to a building. Because they are so intricate and ornate they can be fairly high-maintenance and if you want them to continue complementing the rest of your home décor you will want to keep them looking at their best.

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Your sash windows were probably very well made back in their day but the effects of time and Mother Nature can leave them looking a little washed out. Repair A Sash has a qualified joiner who can renovate and repair them to their former glory, with the utmost respect to their original design and charm.

Because they are made from wood they are not invincible and swelling and warping is a common problem requiring sash window repairs and renovation. This can often make them difficult, or impossible, to use depending on the extent of the problem.

Sash windows also suffer frequently from rot from prolonged exposure to the elements. Water often collects in the bottom compartment, making that the most vulnerable part of the window and the one most likely to rot.

Even traditional sash windows may be repaired or renovated and a problem does not have to mean a full replacement. If you value the authenticity and integrity of your traditional design Repair A Sash will aim to fix it for you. Of course, costs need to be considered and we will be able to offer you cost comparisons for both options should the need arise.

In the event that a replacement is unavoidable we will ensure that we emulate your original design as closely as possible.

Other common problems that can affect sash windows and warrant repairs and renovations include loose putty, broken glass, loose joints, pulley wheels that need repair, sashes that are not balanced correctly, broken cords and sashes that have been painted closed. The windows in both sections of a sash window are meant to open but sometimes they can get stuck, because of dirt or through lack of use.

Repair A Sash also offers the servicing of converting single-hung sashes to double-hung without needing to replace the box.


Sash windows are an attractive and charming feature on homes and Repair A Sash offers specialist sash window repairs and renovation that respect and enhance all designs.