Take the Plunge with a Swimwear Business

Posted on May 24, 2011 by

Summer has truly arrived and people are frantically booking holidays for the 2011 season.   If you are a business owner, what type of businesses swell in the May-Aug months?

Spring/summer more than often means great weather, relaxing and a period where most of us manage to take a vacation abroad.

How can you cater for a seasonal business? If you own say a swimwear business and the demand is high in the summer season, it maybe a good idea to diversify for the winter months and tap into the Christmas buying period.  The  fashion jewellery trade is a good vertical to deal in, if your prices are competitively targeted.


A shining example of a multi faceted company with a successful on-line ecommerce site are Cocolush, who have had a busy trading year so far for 2011.  They specialise in chic and stylish brazilian swimwear, triangle bikini sets, beachware in the spring/summer months and jewellery in the latter months of the year.

A good stock control and supply chain is essential, as well as fast delivery and first class customer service –  are in high demand from the fickle internet customer scouring for the best deals.   Swimwear and beachware outlet, Cocolush deploy a fast and efficient delivery service, but have had to tweak their processes over time and streamlined their operations to achieve a seamless parcel tracking system.