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The Business End of the 2012 London Olympics

The 2012 London Olympics is of course going to be a major event. The excitement is running high among the citizens and the athletes that are set to complete. The games will run from July 27th to August 12th and have quickly been dubbed the games of the XXX Olympiad. The athletes are even now gearing up to start training at different training camps across the world.

But what about the Olympic promoters corporate sponsorship and marketing side of the Olympic business. Their appears to be a huge uproar over the ratio of tickets given to the public to purchase.  It’s boring I know, but the public voice has to be heard – the fat cats are getting away with it again.

Anyway, there will be everything from horse races to swimming and beyond at the Olympics just like every year. The athletes will be training extra hard as the day approaches. There are a lot of considerations for these men and woman and it’s not easy. So what exactly do they need to watch out for in the training in the days ahead and how does their supplemental diet change in the lead up?

Their diet is of course a major part in ensuring optimum performance on the day. Eating a plate of greasy food will not be in the plans for these Olympians as the July 27th start of the Olympics moves closer. Sports Nutrition suppliers from – one of the leading bodybuilding and nutritional companies based in Australia said “They will be eating lots of fruits and vegetables, consuming whey protein powder formulas or protein shakes to stay in great shape”.  It’s a coaches/dieticians job to ensure the athletes are in tip top shape for the most important 3 weeks of their life. It can mean all the difference between silver or Gold medal.”

Exercise of course is an important consideration to all of the athletes participating in this year’s games. There will be plenty of weight lifting and jump roping you can be sure. And of course endurance test and practicing for their different events.

Vitamins are also going to be a major concern. Vitamins and supplements such as Alpha Man and others make up a big part of the training regime for any sports training.  Protein shakes, vitamin supplements and plenty of water, fruits and vegetables are a major part of everyday life for these men and women.

Of course with all of the training going on plenty of rest and relaxation is also required. The athletes need to take time to mediate, pray and just get in tune with themselves as the day draws closer. It is also a time to just relax and think about the events to come. Whether you win or lose the 2012 London Olympics will be something that these men and women will never forget.


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