Tweet your Friends and Make Money: Social Media Marketing

Posted on November 10, 2010 by

The internet would be a far less entertaining place without social media. What is social media? Social media is all the chatting, blogging, gaming, networking, status updates, tweets, entertainment news, etc, and who could possibly imagine logging on without checking which of their friends is online? Social media is what makes the online world go round, and online businesses are hitching a ride.

Businesses that do…business online require advertisements in order to bring in visitors and profits to their websites. Without social media there wouldn’t be any place to advertise other than online directories, which are more for people who already know what they want. Social media marketing allows businesses to place their advertisements where the people are.

If you’re a business owner, how can you use social media marketing to reach billions of potential customers?

Create a Blog

The blog, web log, is one of the major online sources of information, networking, and sharing. There are thousands of online blog sites where people post blogs, read blogs, subscribe to blog RSS feeds. So what can an online business owner do with a blog? Businesses can hire bloggers to write blogs on topics relating to the business, their products and services. Within the text of the blogs, the bloggers can insert links to the business’ website within keywords in the blogs. Also, blogs can be used simply to incite interest in the company.

Join the Status Force

Creating a profile on Twitter and Facebook, and other social networking sites can bring in fans, group members, and looky-loos to your profile page. Not only can you keep people updated on the latest business news, but you can also advertise new products, special deals, and product or service discount- all without spending a dime.

Ads that Add

Not only can businesses create profiles on social networking sites, but they can also advertise using pay per click campaigns. With the PPC, businesses only pay for ads when people click on them. Also, PPC ads on social networking sites are seen by hundreds of millions of people- that can add up to a lot of clicks, which can add up to a lot of business- it all depends on how you advertise.

Social media marketing is the new and incredibly lucrative way to increase the visibility of your business. Good luck.